Love and Revenge


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Leon Kumara had planned for 5 years to destroy the Monterra family. When he saw Bella Monterra, he was shocked to find that she was the one who saved him 5 years ago. She had loved him since then. Will his need to destroy her family destroy her love for him as well?

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Chapter 1
A Hurtful Reunion

Bella felt uneasy returning to Bangkok. Her father had called her to return home with her half-sister. There was an urgent matter and her father sounded serious on the phone. Her half-sister had refused to return, but she, being a devoted daughter, came back home.

It was five years since she last set foot in the country, but she would get no welcome in her father’s home. Her stepmother disliked her and would make her life hard, so she planned to leave after meeting her father. She would stay with her aunt and uncle, who raised her in the countryside afterward.

The Monterra mansion was as beautiful as she last left it. The servants welcomed her nervously and took her to her father’s room.

Mr. Monterra was sitting up in bed and looked ill when Bella walked in. She came to hug him with concern, as her stepmother looked displeased. The elder woman sat beside her father on the bed.

“Father, what happened?”

Her father held her hand gently, for the first time, she noticed. She could not remember his gentleness for a long time.

“Bella, I am glad you came back!” He clasped her hand. “I have lost everything!”

He looked desperate, and she shook her head in confusion.

“What do you mean… lost everything?”

Her father’s face paled.

“I have lost my company… and all our properties… including this house… we will now be homeless…!”

Bella opened her mouth in shocked.

“How, Father? We have so much… how did we lose them all?”

Her father stared into space.

“He tricked me! He made me invest in a company that went bankrupted!”

Her father cried in pain and then started coughing. He quickly grabbed her hands again.

“You need to negotiate with him, Bella. Ask him to give us some time to repay him back!”

Her stepmother quickly interjected.

“We have nothing anymore, what can we negotiate with?”

Bella looked to her stepmother in pain.

“Who is it we owe, Father?”

It seemed awhile before her father finally said, “Leonidas Kumara.”


Bella did not recognize the name. She knew the Kumara were a wealthy family, but Mr. Kumara had died years ago, and she did not know any of the Kumara children. She wondered who this Leonidas was.

Her Father had given her a vanilla envelope with the contract inside to give to Mr. Kumara to request for another month to pay him back. It was already 8pm at night, but her Father had insisted that she bring Mr. Kumara the contract before the deadline tomorrow.

Hesitating to go late at night and against her better judgment, Bella had her father’s chauffeur drive her to the Kumara estate.


The Kumara mansion was grander than the Monterra’s. They were billionaires while Bella’s family were only millionaires. She was busy admiring the mansion, that she did not notice all the men in black guarding the place. An old lady came out to greet her as she got out of the car and introduced herself as Aunt Gia.

The kind lady took her inside and left her in the grand living room as she went up the grand stairs to notify Mr. Kumara about her visitation. When she came back, she motioned Bella to follow her.

Aunt Gia quickly climbed back up the grand stairs, beckoning Bella to follow. Bella hesitated, wondering why they were going upstairs. But not wanting to lose Aunt Gia, she quickly climbed the stairs and followed her. Aunt Gia took her down a corridor and opened a door for her.

“Is—is this Mr. Kumara’s office?” Bella asked, surprised why the room was in such a private area.

Aunt Gia nodded, looking distracted, but urged her to enter the room. Feeling that something was wrong, Bella hesitated. But as the old woman bade her to enter, Bella slowly walked into the room, against her better judgement.

She walked down a small dark hallway and came upon a lighted room. In the middle of the beautiful, elegant room was a gigantic poster bed.

Shocked at seeing the bed, she turned to leave the room, but someone slammed the door shut, startling her. Bella turned and saw the outline of a man standing at the dark doorway. Her heart pounded in fear.

Leonidas Kumara stood at the door looking at her. Her chest was heaving in fear as she looked at him blocking the doorway. She could not see his face, but she knew he was dressed in a night robe.

Slowly, he walked towards her, and she backed away fearfully into the lighted bedroom.

“I—I came to bring a contract for—for Mr. Kumara. I—I am the daughter of—of Mr. Monterra,” she began.

“I am Mr. Kumara.”

The voice sounded familiar, she thought for one moment. And it was not until he came into the light, and she had backed up near the bed, that she saw his face. And her mouth opened in shocked.


Her fear dissipated. She had not seen him for over 5 years, and here he was again standing in front of her. She was relieved that she almost ran to touch him if not for the look in his eyes which startled her.

He had grown older, she noticed. He no longer had the boyish look but looked elegant in a dark blue robe; his hair was combed nicely back. But his face was not pleasant nor friendly like Leo, nor was there any sign of recognition in his eyes of her. Instead, he looked at her coldly, almost as if he hated her. Instead of the happiness she wanted to feel at seeing him again, her heart turned to fear.

His eyes traveled from her face to her dress and down to her bare legs, as if undressing her. She was dressed in a peach dress, with the skirt falling just below her knees. She suddenly felt naked under his view. Her hands unexpectedly came to shield her chest.

Frightened, she quickly remarked, “Leo, it’s me… Bella… don’t you remember? You stayed at the farmhouse with me… and Aunt and Uncle Pope…”

Bella felt desperate, as he stood silently staring at her without acknowledging her. Suddenly he walked toward her. To her fear, she could not back away anymore as her legs touched the bed.  Her heart pounded, as he stopped just enough to look at her. His eyes were cold and emotionless.

He observed her face, her trembling lips, flushed cheek, and frightened eyes. There was confusion in her eyes, as she tried to understand the situation. He grinned, satisfied. To her relief, he seized the envelope from her hand and walked away from her. She sighed in relief as he impatiently opened the envelope and read the contract silently.

“I… I didn’t know you were the Leonidas Kumara,” she quietly remarked. “I… I am glad that your family found you—”

She stopped in her sentence, as he turned to glare at her venomously. Her heart almost stopped at his deadly look. He no longer was the Leo at the Farm.

He sneered and remarked, “So your father agreed.”

Bella looked at him silently. She did not know what he meant.

He grinned. Then, quickly, he signed the paper and placed it back in the envelope.

Relief, Bella thought he would give her back the contract, but he placed it high on a shelf, where it was hard for her to reach.

“What are you doing?” Bella gasped in surprise.

He grinned wickedly as he eyed her. It was not until he took off his robe that Bella tried to run from the room. But he grabbed her wrist and with much force flung her onto the bed.

His action shocked her as she sat up from the bed to see him moving towards her. His eyes looked possessed.

“What are you doing, Leo?! I am Bella… at the farm…!”

Her frightened tone did not move him as he continued coming towards her until he was standing over her on the bed. She tried one more attempt to leave, but he pushed her down again. This time, he came down over her and before she knew it, his hands came out and tore her dress sleeve.

Shocked, she cried out in fear, but he covered her lips with his as he pulled her up on the bed and covered her body. Her hands came out to push him off her, but he continued to press her down. When she felt his hands on her body, trying to zip her dress down, tears flowed down her eyes and she turned her face away in humiliation.

He stopped. She had never been touched like this before. Even with her heart having feelings for him, his actions frightened her.

He suddenly remembered her scent back at the farm, and it lessened his heart’s hatred. He gently caressed her face with his lips. His hand stroked her hair. She was lovely and kind to him, and he thought he had found a place to be for the rest of his life, but then his haunting memories came back.

His hand squeezed her arm in pain. He wanted to hurt her, like they had hurt his sister. His kisses grew more aggressive until she sobbed. His lips tightened as he pulled back and looked at her beneath him. He could take her and destroy her innocence, like his sister. It would be easy, as she was alone in his house and bed. His heart raced at the decision.

Then, with all his strength, he jerked up. His lips tightened and his eyes narrowed as he watched her on the bed crying. Why was it her? Why must William Monterra’s daughter be her? He had not seen her for over five years and was shocked that she was the daughter of William Monterra. He wanted to hurt her further but could not.

A part of his heart was glad that he had found her again. But why was she William Monterra’s daughter? His face darkened as he thought of Areeya. Why would he feel sorry for her? He hated them and would make sure that by the end of this year, William Monterra would be on his knees and his entire family ruined.

“Our contract ends here, Miss Monterra.”

Bella quickly dried her tears and sat up, surprised that he spoke to her. She watched as he grabbed the vanilla envelope high on the shelf and threw it at her.

“This is your payment for the kiss!”

Bella looked at him, shocked at his despicable words.

“Why?” she slowly began. “Why did you do this?!”

He came onto the bed and grabbed her elbow, pulling her roughly to him.

“You should know why, Miss Monterra. It is written in the contract.”

Bella gazed at him in shock as he flung her away. She quickly opened the envelope and took the contract out and read it. Her mouth opened in disbelief.

Miss Monterra shall accompany Mr. Kumara for one night and serve his desire…

Her father had sold her to him for one night for one-month extension on his credit loan. Her tears came down, hurt and disgusted that her father could do such a thing to her.

“Do you expect me to believe that you didn’t agree to this?” Leon mocked her, knowing that he took advantage of the situation. His conversation with William Monterra had been clear that he would not take advantage of his daughter. But he had left that clause out of the contract as he wanted to humiliate her and make it as her father had agreed to it.

Bella’s heart pounded in disbelief. Her father and stepmother had tricked her. She should have known when her father had been kind to her. He had never been kind to her before.

She placed the contract back into the envelope and wiped her tears. She had been stupid. Now her dignity was ruined because of her stupidity.

Slowly, she stood up and tried to place her dress sleeve back in place.

Annoyed that she was ignoring him, and not responding to his words, he grabbed her back to look at him.

“What will one month give you? For sure, this time your father will sell you, my dear Miss Monterra. Will you come to my bed willingly then?”

Bella tugged her arms from him in frustration.

“My father’s loan will be paid by him from now on. I have nothing more to do with you or him!”

She turned to leave, but he grabbed her back.

“Don’t be so sure, Bella.”

Bella looked at him, shocked that he called her by her first name, as he once did at the farm.

“I know you have a younger sister too,” Leon remarked, “And an Aunt and an Uncle? What if they need your help to pay… let us say… the farmhouse?”

Bella looked shock at his threatening words.

“Why are you doing this, Leo?! What have we done to you?!”

Her words stunned him, and he threw her roughly on the bed.

“My name is Leonidas Kumara, Miss Monterra! Remember that and call me properly!” he shouted loudly, “Your father has done much sin! It is time that he and his flesh and blood pay for his sin!”

Disgusted at her, he further retorted, “You have 10 minutes to get out of this house, or my security man will come and throw you out!”

With that, he angrily walked out of the room and shut the door loudly on her. She stared at his exit; her heart torn into many pieces as tears streamed down her cheek in disbelief at what had just happened.


Bella dried her tears and walked bravely out of the room with her torn dress on. Aunt Gia saw her come down the stairs and hung her head down in sympathy. Leon stood below, waiting for her to come down in shame. But she lifted her head bravely and walked past him with the contract in her hand.

“Please let your father know that in one month, I will await the full $20 million payment, else the Monterra mansion will be mine…” Leon began, “… as well as your Aunt and Uncle’s farmland.”

Bella looked at him in disbelief.

“What does the farmland have to do with my father’s loan?”

“Everything that your father owned under his name is in my possession, including the farmland, Bella.”

Bella’s eyes narrowed in disbelief.

“I don’t believe you. I will not let you take the farmland.”

Leon grinned.

Not believing that the Leo at the farm could have changed so much, Bella finally blurted, “Why are you doing this? Do you think our lives mean so little? Aunt Nala and Uncle Pope have been kind to you! Why would you do this to them?”

Leon sneered and grabbed her arm aggressively.

“For all I know, Miss Monterra, your aunt, uncle and you could have been the accomplice that harmed me.”

Bella’s mouth opened in disbelief at his words. How could he accuse her sweet aunt and uncle of harming him when they saved him?

She turned away in disgust.

“I pray that we will never see each other again,” she remarked coldly, and walked out of the door.

It was near midnight, and her father’s chauffeur was nowhere to be seen. She knew he had planned this all along to make her suffer for something her father did. To leave now would be suicide. So, she stepped out bravely into the dark in her torn dress, not giving him the satisfaction to see her fear.

“Sir, please stop her. She will be in danger.” Aunt Gia, standing beside Leon, replied in concern.

Leon only smiled in satisfaction.

“She looks so young and innocent,” Aunt Gia continued. “Isn’t it enough that you already shamed her, sir? Do you want others to do it too?”

Leon looked away angrily. He did not want to care about her. He wanted her to suffer the same fate as Areeya.

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