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To save her kingdom, Princess Bin Bin sets out to find the Dragon’s pearl, only to be impeded by Prince Azure, a dragon prince.

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Chapter 1

The Dragon’s Promise

In the era when dragons had immense power and human kings sought them for power and greed, a prince by chance saved a dragon king. For his gratitude, the Dragon King granted him a wish. The Prince, ambitious and in a campaign to fight his enemies, wished for protection.

As dragons were gifted with immortality and power, humans practiced magic and became powerful wizards. To be a wizard and protected by a dragon was immense fortune.

The Dragon King saw the ambition behind the Prince, and the magic he wielded, but knowing he had to keep his promise, he gave the Prince a dragon pearl.

“As long as you live, you will be protected,” the Dragon King replied.

The Prince took it in delight and watched as the Dragon King soared away.

As expected, the Prince defeated his enemies. And as the years went by, the Prince continued to win battles and wars, defeating, and claiming many kingdoms. As the Dragon King promised, the Prince was protected. Nothing pierced him. Overtime, his magic increased, and he used it to protect his army. His army became invincible, and he became a legend and terror to people.

Soon his father passed away, and the Prince became King. His name became King Tianquan. Even though his land had expanded, his thirst for war never ended. So, he continued his campaigns.

The Kingdom of Meihua had a King and Queen who loved each other deeply and had powerful magic. The kingdom was protected by a crystal, powered by the King and Queen’s magic cultivation. King Tianquan sent his armies to Meihua to challenge them, but the crystal’s power cloaked the kingdom and the army could not pierce through.

Tianquan continued his onslaught for months, sacrificing men. Finally, the crystal magic waned, and the Queen sacrificed her spiritual essence to sustain the crystal. Devastated, the King sent spies to King Tianquan’s camp to find their weakness and power.

The spies did not come back. Losing hope, King Yanshi of Meihua sent his oldest daughter as a peace treaty. And there was peace for 3 years, until Princess Ming Ming sent a magic crane with a message, stating the power of King Tianquan, sealed with her blood.

King Yanshi looked at his youngest daughter, Princess Bin Bin, playing out in the courtyard, dressed in a pink cloak as she laughed and danced around the falling plum blossoms. She had turned 16 years old this year. Her innocent and beauty were untouched by her father’s fear.

His face had lost all its color as he returned to look at the letter that Ming Ming had sent him. It was direct, and he knew the fate of his kingdom was doomed, as he stared at the words:

“Dragon’s pearl.”

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