About Me

I started writing a novel when I was about 15 years old. I finished my first story “A Warm Heart” in 2001, which has now been renamed to “Cool Heads, Hot Hearts”. Two dramas that heavily influenced my love-story-telling were the Thai movie “Koogum” and Singaporean drama “Legend of the 8 Immortals”. Funny that these are tragic endings, even though I don’t believe in tragic endings. I know too much about the tragedies in life, and believe my stories should only bring love and happiness, therefore all of my novels are happy ending. 🙂

I also love fantasy and fairy-tales and would like to incorporate these into my future projects. Many of my writings are influenced from experiences, dreams, other writings and stories.

I want to thank you for supporting my work, and wish you all love and happiness in life. 🙂

Happy reading! 🙂